Jacksonsville Waterfront


The waterfront in Jacksonville, Florida is a beautiful on a Sunday morning without thunderstorms.  Kongo has visited this area twice before and was chased underneath bridges because of nearby lightening bolts and thundering rain.  Not yesterday.  Finally a clear day.

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Castillo de San Marcos


Today Kongo visits the historic Castillo de San Marcos in Saint Augustine, Florida.  This massive fortress was built by the Spanish in 1672 as an outpost to protect their empire in the New World and protect the town of St. Augustine, which they founded in 1565.

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Horse Pickers


These two steely-eyed young women turned out to be pretty amazing at picking winners during a trip to the horse races at Del Mar.  The two grand girls are visiting for a week while  Mom and Dad are relaxing on a much-needed adult getaway so Kongo got to play.  Mrs. Kongo provided the fashion accessories.

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Chicano Park


Nestled beneath the San Diego side of the Coronado Bridge is Chicano Park.  This is a fascinating place filled with interesting characters, dozens of intersecting lines, and some of the most magnificent street murals in the world.  The murals are the real draw to this little culture pocket a mile or so from glitzy downtown. Kongo visited it this evening with friend John. Continue reading

Amanda Island, Florida


Kongo is in Florida for a few weeks and got up early this morning to capture the sunrise at the beach at Big Amanda Island northeast of Jacksonville.  Pam, one of Kongo’s favorite bloggers, told him about this beach over dinner in San Diego a few months ago, so the monkey was really happy to finally get a chance to see it in person.

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Fire Monkey


So this is the scene from Kongo’s backyard as CalFire airplanes attack a brush fire in the Mission Trails Regional Park.  What a week!  The monkey has no idea how the fire started but is happy that the ever alert forestry professionals were on top of the situation and pretty much beat this one down with an air assault.

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