Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Shiny Objects

Continuing her pattern them, Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is Shiny Objects. See plenty more shiny things at her Fun Foto Website or better yet, add your own entry into these fun photography challenges.  It’s a great way to keep you active on your blog and keep your photography eye sharp.

Sunset Cliffs

_MG_4748In the Ocean Beach (called OB by the locals) is one of the most beautiful streets in San Diego.  It’s aptly named Sunset Cliffs Boulevard and you can drive along it for a mile or so once you reach the ocean and there are several places to park and enjoy the view. In the late afternoon the cliffs turn a reddish-orange. Continue reading

Wedding Photographers of Balboa Park

_MG_4622Every Saturday in Balboa Park dozens of “her special day” events blossom like Spring flowers. In fact, since it is Spring, these special days are abundant.  There are more wedding parties in Balboa Park these days than tourists from Minnesota. And that’s a lot. These are all duly recorded by that special breed of photographer known in the trade as “The Wedding Photographer.”  Or at least that’s what Kongo thinks they’re known as in “the trade.” Continue reading

Wall Street


So last weekend Kongo checked out the area around Wall street in lower Manhattan. It had been a few years and Kongo wanted to see if anything changed.  It hadn’t.  It was pretty quiet and all the “Occupy” activists are long gone.  It was just the monkey and a flock of other tourists taking pictures. Above Alexander Hamilton poses in front of the Federal Building on Wall Street.   Continue reading